Peer Forum Session #2: A Score, A Groove, A Phantom


A score, a groove, a phantom @ Cubitt Peer Forum presents Evan Ifekoya’s work in progress as well as research ranging from the dance floor and its archives to Yoruba and other West African mourning traditions. The project ​u​tilises the body in life and death as material to investigate the erotic potential of those experiences as political formation. To paraphrase Peggy Phelan – can the affective outline of what we have lost bring us closer to the bodies we might still want to touch?

For the second part of the session, Ifekoya will be in conversation with Oakland based DJ 8ulentina, who has also prepared a mix for the occasion.

DJ 8ulentina’s name is inspired by Bulent Ersoy, a legendary transgender Turkish singer. For 8ulentina, DJing is about creating a personal archive that tells a story; it can take the form of a Turkish trance remix, an Egyptian Mahraganat track, or a sad R&B track. Keeping it feminine, fast, and worldly. 

Author: The Network

The Network brings together a group of artistic professionals working in a range of disciplines, media and practices, which have come together in order to celebrate, question and intrinsically promote the developments of such practices.

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